ISC - 2011

The International Science Community Association (ISCA) organized the 1st International Science Congress (ISC-2011) at Indore, M.P. India with "Science and Technology for Sustainable Development" as its focal theme. The congress was hosted by Maharaja Ranjit Singh College of Professional Sciences on 24th and 25th December 2011. It was distributed in 20 sections. A total 900 Research Papers and 1300 registrations all over the world were received. Delegates from Malaysia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Indonesia, Iran, South Africa, Iraq, Mexico, Japan, Uganda, Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Russia, Latvia, Nepal, Lithuanian and from length and breadth of our nation participated in the ISC-2011

Inaugural Ceremony
Saturday, 24th December 2011, Time 10:00 am
Prof. Pramod K. Verma
Scientific Advisor, Government of Madhya Pradesh,
Director General, Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology,
Bhopal, MP, India
Dr. D. P. Kothari
Ex Vice Chancellor, VIT University Vellore,
Former Director IIT Delhi, India
Dr. Matsumoto Michiaki
Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Materials Sciences,
Doshisha University, Japan
Valedictory Ceremony
Sunday, 25th December 2011, Time 04:00 pm
Prof. Nisha Dube
Vice Chancellor,
Barkatullah University,
Bhopal, MP, India
Prof. Ajay Gupta
Center Director,
UGC-DAE (Consortium), For Scientific Research, Indore, MP, India
Dr. Al- Sultani Kadhim Fantil
College of Material Engineering,
Babylon University, Iraq


International Young Scientist Award

International Young Scientist Award(2011)
For Best Oral Presentation

Akhilesh Upgade
Research Fellow
Department of Microbiology
Centre for Research and Development
Prist Univesrity, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
International Young Scientist Award(2011)
For Best Poster Presentation

Priyanka Sharma
Research Scholar
Depart of Botany
Government College,
Kota, Rajestan, India
S.No. Section Poster Oral
1. Agriculture and Forestry Sciences Dr. Yosini Dellana Dr. Saramandal C.V.
2. Animal,Veterinary and Fishery Sciences Mr. D.M. Kokata Dr. R.L. Bhagat
3. BiologicalSciences Mr. S.R.Mahaja Mrs. Mital Patel
4. Chemical Sciences Mr. Vivek N. Bhusari Mr.Paramasivan Partibhav
5. Computerand Information Technology Sciences Ms. Meenakshi Vyas Mr.Arun Pandey
6. EarthSciences - -
7. Engineering Sciences - Dr.Alok Kumar
8. Environmental Sciences Mr.Piyush Kant Pandey Mr. S.N. Patil
9. Forensic Sciences - -
10. Home Sciences Ms. Farhat Siddiqui Ms. P. Makkar
11. Material Sciences - Mr. R.K. Sharma
12. Mathematical and Statistics Sciences - Ms. Rashmi Awad
13. Medical Sciences - Ms Manisha Shah
14. Pharmaceutical Sciences Ms. Kirti Jain Mr. C.H. Shreedevi
15. Physical Sciences - Mr. Jain
16. Sports Sciences - -
17. Educational Sciences - Mrs. Mary George
18. Commerce, Law and Management Sciences - -
19. Anthropological and Behavioral Sciences - -
20. Social Sciences - Dr. Ujjawala