International Young Scientist Congress

5th International Young Scientist Congress (IYSC-2019)


Workshop on Research Methodology

8th and 9 th May 2019
in collaboration with
Mid-Western University, Surkhet, Nepal

Tourist places at Surkhet, Nepal

Bulbule Taal (Lake)

Bulbule is an extremely lovely and amazing open stop in Surkhet. It has a wide and clean territory for outing and strolling. This Garden is situated in Latikoili VDC in Surkhet. Close to Surkhet Bus Park and inverse to Birendra Multiple grounds.Stop is loaded with different sorts of roses,imported blooms and appealing green grasses. An ostensible expense for passage is charged to overall population. All around trimmed and straight standing trees on both side of primary passage look extremely noteworthy. A little lake respects the guest which is loaded with fishes. This lake is wellspring of regular water spring which comes as air pockets. On the left half of lake two tremendous open showering spots are there which are constantly occupied.This lake is loaded with fish and is additionally common living space for other water animals and winged creatures. At the front of that lake there is the fundamental piece of Bulbule Garden. This open range brimming with blooms and decorative plants makes climate more pleasurable.

Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar-Clock Tower is one of the most noteworthy established tower and additionally Public check in Surkhet.It was worked by the assistance of Japan Government.It has rich structural appearance and arranged amidst Birendranagar City. A little stop is around the Ghanta Ghar which is extremely green and additionally perfect. This solidified high tower is additionally the milestone of Surkhet.Numerous open occasions are held around the Ghanta Ghar. Presently days, a well known Chaat Street is getting prominent for hanging with companions close Ghanta Ghar.


Kakre Bihar is a Hindu-Buddhist Temple Near from Birendranagar. This sanctuary is accepted to be based on twelfth century. It is made by strong stone with alluring bronze Idols of Hindu divine beings and goddess along Buddha. This place is likewise popular for its normal magnificence. It is arranged over a little mountain. It is situated in Latikoili VDC in Surkhet. This place is otherwise called Buddha (Bihar implies range/put). This place draws in each group from all aspects of nation to see its rich craftsmanship and for trekking. Green wilderness and numerous types of winged creatures are fundamental fascination of Kakre Bihar. Numerous adventures about Kakre Bihar are well known among individuals of Surkhet. As per nearby villagers, Mahabharat's Heroes-"The Pandavas", came here, manufactured house for their living and passed their Banbas Period (concealing themselves from other individuals). It has a shape like seed of cucumber consequently it is called Kakre bihar, it's yet another legendary esteem about its name.