International Young Scientist Congress

3rd International Young Scientist Congress (IYSC-2017)

Workshop on Scientific Writing

8th and 9 th May 2017 at Mehsana Urban Institute of Sciences,
Ganpat University, Ganpat Vidynagar, Mehsana, Gujarat, India

Preparation of Abstract

Poster Presentation

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Title of the Abstract/Paper
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Author Name & Affiliation & Date of Birth
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Keywords (Minimum 5)
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Publication of Papers

All the IYSC awarded Full length research papers will be published in special issue of International Science Community Association international peer reviewed journal "Research Journal of Recent Sciences" (ISSN 2277-2502). Rest of the presented full length papers can be considered for publication (on request) in only after approval from International Science Community Association editorial board and reviewers. Please see manuscript template and details at Instructions.php Full length research paper should be submitted before: 30th April 2016 by E-mail: