5th International Virtual Congress (IVC-2018)
Workshop on Personality Development

Focal Theme : Global Research: Energy, Ethics and Enthusiasm

Please mention the section with number at the top of abstract

There are twenty sections namely:
1. Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture Sciences,
2. Animal, Veterinary, Fishery and Marine Sciences
3. Biological Sciences
4. Chemical Sciences
5. Computer and Information Technology Sciences
6. Earth and Geological Sciences
7. Engineering, Energy, Architect and Planning
8. Environmental Sciences
9. Forensic and Medical Sciences
10. Family, Community and Consumer Sciences
11. Material Sciences
12. Mathematics and Statistics
13. Pharmaceutical Sciences
14. Physical Sciences
15. Physical Education, Sports and Yoga
16. Educational Sciences
17. Commerce, Law and Management Sciences
18. Library Sciences
19. Language, Literature and Culture
20. Social and Humanity Sciences: Anthropological, Behavioral Sciences, Sociology, Social Work, psychology, Economics, Political Science, Geography, Drawing, Music, Dance, Philosophy, History and Languages, Journalism and Role of Media, NGOs and their roll.

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