International Young Scientist Congress

3rd International Young Scientist Congress (IYSC-2017)

Workshop on Scientific Writing

8th and 9 th May 2017 at Mehsana Urban Institute of Sciences,
Ganpat University, Ganpat Vidynagar, Mehsana, Gujarat, India

Tourist places near to Gujarat

  • Adalaj Step-Well
  • The Adalaj step-well is a popular tourist attraction of the city and is situated 18 km. south of Gandhinagar. The well was built in 1499 A.D. by Queen Rudabai. The step well or Vav, as it is called in Gujarati, is intricately carved and is several stories in depth. The designs on its walls and pillars include, leaves, flowers, birds, fish and other breathtaking ornamental designs. In the past, these step wells were frequented by travellers and caravans as stopovers along trade routes.

  • Akshardham Temple

  • Akshardham Gandhinagar is one of the largest temples in the Indian state of Gujarat. The temple complex combines devotions, art, architecture, education, exhibitions and research at one place. It was inaugurated on November 2, 1992, during the centenary celebrations of Yogiji Maharaj. The complex is very popular among tourists visiting Gujarat.

  • Children'Park
  • Children's Park is one of the most sought after parks in the capital. It is a good picnic spot for families and kids. The main attraction of the park is the mini train and the lake with boating facility.

  • Craftsmen's Village

  • Craftsmen's Village is located at a distance of merely 7 km from the capital. The city is famous for its Bandhani Sarees. It is also known for its wooden blocks carved with exquisite designs for hand printing on cloth. The skilled craftsmanship of these villagers is still in great demand in other textile centers of the state. It is a good place to buy saris and hand printed material at reasonable prices.

  • Deer Park
  • Deer Park is situated just adjacent to Sarita Udyan, on the outskirts of the city. It serves as the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. The park is quite popular amongst both the young and the old, alike.

  • Sarita Udyan

  • Sarita Udyan is another picnic spot along the Sabarmati River. It is an ideal destination for a delightful picnic. There are a number of recreational facilities available here for the entertainment of the visitors.

  • Trimandir
  • A gorgeous non-sectarian trimandir inspired by Akram Vignani Pujya Dada Bhagwan has taken shape at Adalaj on the outskirts of Gandhinagar. The followers of Pujya Dada Bhagwan from all over the world gathered to celebrate the Pranpratistha from 25th to29th December 2002.