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Tourist Place Near to Meghalaya

Siju Cave (Tura)

The Siju Cave located in Meghalaya, since the beginning of twentieth century, remains one of the chief source of observing natural phenomenon among cave researchers. It is the first limelighted natural cave in India, is also known as the bat cave, owing to the abundance of these nocturnal mammals here. Also noteworthy, is the limestone formations named after the princes, and the imposing stalagmites and stalactites which constitute the longest existing cave in India, and is a source of major water bodies of the region. Excavators and tourists awe alike at the naturally occurring physical phenomenons of this cave in Meghalaya.

Elephant Falls

The Elephant Falls are a unique feature of Shillong, since the waterfall itself is made up of three very lucid steps. The first one, hidden among the trees, the second one, tamed and controlled flowing from a certain height, and the third, the fastest and biggest one, culminating into the stream below. Unfortunately, the structure of the black rocks resembling an elephant was destroyed during an earthquake in Meghalaya, but the falls are equally majestic still, with the lucid contrast of the frothy falls against the dark rocks. The evening view of Elephant falls in Meghalaya is the one that wins hearts over, combined with the softly fading light and the high contrast falls, the crowd is worth braving for the sheer gold glow of the water. The sheer natural beauty and serenity of these falls makes it one of the places to visit in Meghalaya.

All Saints Church

A magnificent setting of poinsettias dot the entrance of the church when in season and the sheer stretch of land in the premises is worth a walk or two in the evening. The woodwork and the altar have been done up very tastefully, without being over exuberant or too frail either. The Anglican church is tucked away very accessibly in the heart of the capital city of Meghalaya and definitely one of the places to visit in Meghalaya if architecture and nature excite you equally.

Don Bosco Centre for Indigeneous Culture (Mawlai, Shillong)

If you spell out travelling as a lesson in history and anthropology, then the DBCIC in Meghalaya is the one place you shouldn't miss for the world. The Museum, although privately run, is in an excellent condition and proves to be a comprehensive source on the history and life in the north east. The library housed in the museum is a boon for those looking to research, or even brush up their knowledge of the state and its 6 sisters. And as is the aesthetic blessing that every north eastern destination has, the DBCIC does not dissapoint in that department either with the skywalk (not meant for those with vertigo or for the faint hearted), which offers a magnificent view of Shillong.

Ialong Park (Jowai)

The Ialong Park, about 10 kms from Jowai, is a hidden gem, often left out from plans made to the state of Meghalaya, and something you shouldn't miss. If you're planning to visit Meghalaya for a longer period, the Ialong Park is where you need to be to unwind and relax from the overwhelming views and treks during your trip. The view of the Myndtu river and valley is lush green and a tonic for tired eyes. The state government has taken initiatives to make the Park more environmentally relevant. Leisurely activities like fishing and walks are a great way to relax and take in the natural landscape of Meghalaya.

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